China Nutrition Food & Health Food Industry Expo  健康

The 3rd INIE China (Shanghai) International Nutrition Food & Health Food Industry Expo
Date : July 3--5,2013
Venue : Shanghai Exhibition Center, China
Official website : Http://
The 4th INIE China (Beijing) International Nutrition Food & Health Food Industry Expo
Date : October 16--18, 2013
Venue :Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center .China
Official website : Http://

Chinese Nutrition Society
China Green Economic Development Institute
Yonghong International Expo (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
Yonghong Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Bowen Sunshine Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
Beijing BXY Corporation Manage Adviser Center

Investment Scope:
1. Nutrition food: health food, nourishing food, nutrient, nutritional supplement, sports nutrition, functional products, pollen products, fish oil product, enzyme products, green algae products, germ products, chlorophyll product, aloe vera products, fungus products, plant extract products, sports nutritive food,seaweed food, bone marrow - derived foods, diet foods,fiber food,medicinal food, vitamin food,beauty foods,brain beneficial food, leisure food, low fat foods, black food,functional drinks, fortified foods for pregnancy and baby, etc.
2. Healthcare products: natural products, organic foods, enhance immunity products, anti-aging products, cardiovascular disease prevention products, foods for diabetic patients, anti-cancer products, liver protecting and kidney protecting products, marine biological products, weight gain and weight loss products, amino acids, blood tonic, fatty acid, dietary fiber, DHA/EPA products, new resources food , 5-htp, 7-keto, acai, ahcc, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamin B complex, bone formulas, vitamin C, calcium, carnitine, coenzyme q10, vitamin D, enzymes, fiber, glucosamine, herbs, homeopathy, meal replacements, minerals, multivitamins, mushrooms, omega 3-6-9, red yeast rice, resveratrol, sam-e, superfoods, ubiquinol, etc.
3. Health drinks: health beverage, health tea, health wine, functional water, coffee and relevant beverage,etc.
4. Organic food & green food : organic agricultural products, organic rice, organic tea, organic meat, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, green food, special food , fine food, cooked meat, frozen foods, bean products, dehydrated foods, dairy products, nuts, dried fruit, vegetable oil, vegetable juice, fruit juice, high-end water, herbal tea, flower tea, syrup, plant beverage, soy beverage, carbonated drinks, white spirit, beer, fruit wine, wine, champagne, ecology food, vegetarian food, organic noodles, soba,etc.
5. Kinds of coffee, tea, drinks, candies,chocolate ,cookies, bread ,cheese, wines, etc.
6. Diet therapy products: therapeutic herbs raw materials and related equipment,Chinese herbal medicines(ginseng,deer antler, cordyceps, etc.), Chinese herbal medicine drinks, ethnic characteristics drugs, traditional Chinese herbal medicine,and bulk drugs and extracts,etc.
7. Food packaging: food processing equipment, medicine and health production equipment, packaging facilities,printing equipment, testing equipment, air purification equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials,etc.
8. Nutritionist training institutions, industry groups, research institutions and testing organizations,etc.
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