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2013 IHWE China (Beijing) International Healthy Water Industry & Water Environment Industry Expo
Date: September 5-7th, 2013
Venue: Beijing National Agriculture Exhibition Center
China Real Estate Research Association
China Real Estate Association
Human Settlement Committee
China Green Economic Development Institute
Yonghong International Expo (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
Beijing Bowen Sunshine Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
Yonghong Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Jianzhen Cooling & Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd
Beijing BXY Corporation Manage Adviser Center
China Academy of Management Science
China Green Industry Development Institute
Investment Association of China
National Green Industry Promotion Committee
China International Environmental Art Industry Association
New socialism rural construction net
New rural construction net
IHWE 2013 is part of China International Human Settlement Environment Expo
As early as October 2012, the leader of Yonghong International Expo (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. has already discussed with the director of China Real Estate Research Association Human Settlement Environment Expo on holding “International Environment Art Expo”. The two reached an agreement that the expo would be held in Beijing, 2013. Yonghong International Expo immediately established the expo committee and the planning and preparation for the expo began ever since. After careful deliberation, Human Settlement Environment Expo is divided into five parts: new socialism rural construction, improvement of drinking water environment, environment-friendly construction materials and new decoration materials, indoor heating and refrigerating system,and air improvement and purification system. As an significant part of the Human Settlement Environment Expo, the IHWE 2013 will be held on September 5-7 in Beijing National Agriculture Exhibition Center, an area of 20,000㎡.
Investment Scope:
1. high-end natural bottled water: drinking natural mineral water, glacier mineral water, natural soda water, alkalescency ionized water, high quality natural water, deep layer sea water, peppermint water, snowmelt, aerobic water, natural Rich hydrogen water, fruity water, distilled water, medical mineral water baby drinking water and etc,
2. Drinking water device: water dispenser, drinking machine, flowing water machine, pipeline drinking water, water vending machines, water-bolling machine, drinking water appliance.
3. water purify equipment: central water purifier, water purifier, household(commercial) pure water machine, nanofiltration, ultrafilter, subset water purifier, ozone water equipment, mineralization equipment and mineralizing solution, building dual water supply equipment, Medium and large purifier(ion) mineral water equipment, carbon filter, ultraviolet sterilization drinking water, central soft water machine, office drinking machine, kitchen water purifier and etc.
4 water supply system: central water heating system, soft water machine, solar water heater, electronic heater, gas water heater, heat-pump water heater and etc.
5.water purify material: activated carbon, silver loaded activated carbon, quartz sand, PPF, ultra filtration membrane, nanofiltration, RO membrane, resin softener, EDI, ceramics filter element, refined filter membrane, sand table colating, all kinds of membrane and shell, pipeline, water storage tank, high-low pressure, glass fiber reinforced plastics jar.
6. sterilize equipment: ozone generator, mixing tower, sterilizing ultraviolet radiator, disinfecting agent
7. bottled water related machinery: filling machine, packing machine, packaging machine, coding machine and ink-jet printer, crown capper, sealing machine, PET bottle, glass water, bottle cap and etc.
8. high-end drinking water related industry: label and package printing, package design, advertisement design, brand promotion and etc.
9. sewage technology and equipment, water source comprehensive treatment engineering, healthy drinking water engineering and etc.
10. industry media organization, association and institute, international trading organization, international production facility, international production technology,relating scientific research institution, university, college and etc.
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