How to Sync Android to iCloud 电脑・网络

Here is a look at two of the things that you can do to sync Android to iCloud as a backup:
1. Using iCloud & Google sync files from android to icloud
As the standard way, this involves no app installations. Here is what you've got to do:
- Go to on your PC and log in.
- Go to your Contacts, and click on Settings.
- You would need to click "Export vCard" to download it.
- Now, go to Google, and
- Choose "Import" and select the vCard file you downloaded.
- Your contacts are now synced.
The problem here is that you would have to repeat the process once you add in new contacts. Additionally, you can only sync in contacts, and nothing else.
2. Using an Appsync files from android to icloud
There are a number of apps available in the app store that can help you sync your Android to your iCloud account. For instance, iCloud Contacts Sync is one of the more popular options out there. Below is the user guide:
> Create your account by entering your iCloud data when prompted.
> Select the calendars that you wish to sync to your phone.
> Tap the Finish button and the app takes care of the rest for you.
However, the problem is that you can only sync your calendar and contacts. Also, you would need to login to your iCloud account time and time again. The options to sync all your data from Android to iCloud is cumbersome. The other concern is that you would be wasting up your mobile data continuously, which is often far expensive than your broadband connection.










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