How to Wipe off Data from LG Mobile Phone  电脑・网络

The newest iPhone 7 is released. Do you want to buy it? If you are using LG mobile phone, and want to resell it for a new iPhone 7, you need to wipe off data from LG mobile phone cause it's dangerous to leak your personal information out by recovering deleted data from old LG mobile phones with android data recovery tool.
To permanently wipe off data from LG mobile phones without recovery, my recommendation is LG Data Eraser, which enables you to entirely erase LG data with just a few clicks. By the way, if you don't want to wipe off the whole files on your LG mobile phone, this software also allows you to only remove the deleted data from your phone completely. Just follow these steps below:
Step 1. At first, launch this software on your computer and connect your LG G2/Optimus/Env3/Octane/Cosmos to the PC via a USB cable. Soon this program will start to detect your phone.
Step 2. After detecting your LG device, it will deeply scan it. Now you can select the erasing mode to remove the deleted data or the entire data on your LG phone. No matter which mode you choose, your lost data won't be retrieved any more.
After that, you can choose the secure level and then touch the "Start" option to start erasing LG data. Wait for a while, you will get all files removed from LG smart phone without recovery.

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