How to free up more space on iPhone 电脑・网络

As we know, we can't use SD card on iPhone. So the space on iPhone is limited. The more data or files saved on it, the more space is less. Of course, we can move photos, musics, videos, etc, big size files to PC for more space storage. Besides it, we can also try this way to free up more space on iPhone by cleanning up junk files.
The most reliable and functional cleaning software--iPhone Data Cleaner can easily clean all junk files within a few simple clicks like below:
Step 1. Link Your iPhone to Computer
To begin with, link your iPhone to the computer via its USB cord. Then open the installed software on the computer with double clicks. Then, you may see the below interface.
Step 2. Select&Clean Files from iPhone
Now, you can see that different file folders are arranged on the main interface. You can click the corresponding folder that you want to clean from your iPhone. Then click the "StartScan" option to preview the files you want to clean from your iPhone.
After that, you can click the "Clean" option to clear files from your iPhone within a few seconds. Remember to click the "OK" option in the following pop-up window. Then just wait for the process to complete.

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