How to Delete History on iPhone  电脑・网络

iPhone is really a cool design, it has changed people's lift style. With it, we can listen to the music, surf the internet, watch the videos, play game, communicate with people all over the world, etc. As we know, the more frequently we use it, the more corresponding histories will also be generated and saved on your iPhone. These histories files actually do nothing to your iPhone device but occupy the precious storage space. Even worse, it may lead to privacy leak if not protected well since these searching histories contain your personal information like email address and etc.
So sometimes, we need to delete these history files from iPhone. But how can we delete these history files? Please don't worry, with pro iPhone Data Cleaner, we an easily clear history on iPhone within simple clicks. This software can also remove other unwanted and useless junk files from iPhone, such as photo caches, download temp files, app crash logs, and many more. With it, you can easily clean up all junk files from iPhone so as to free up more space and speed up the device. Just this way to delete history files from iPhone like this:

delete iphone history









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