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Check for filtration, breathability and fit when choosing a fabric mask. It should be held in place comfortably with little adjustment using elastic bands or ties.
There are different mask shapes such as flat-fold or duckbill – find the one that fits closely over your nose, cheeks and chin.
We will mainly introduce Brand series fashion face masks items, which you can always buy at a great discount price. Please check carefully!
Off White Brand Supreme Camouflage Washable Reusable Masks
1. Brand: Supreme, Off White.
2. Water Repellant (Fluorine-water repellant agent Bayguard).
3. Anti-Microbial - Made from double layered 100% Cotton Material.
4. Anti-Dust, Breathable and protexts up to 2.5PM dust particles.
5. Anti-Viral - Protects against droplet contamination by blocking direct exposure to droplets, and helps prevent hand to mouth and nose exposure.

Off White Supreme Brand Masks
How to use: Wrap the elastic around your eat and secure mask over nose and mouth.There is discoloration when washing.
Do not leave it in a damp or watery state.This product may shrink slightly when washed. The washing machine cannot be used.
Dior Cloth Face Guard Anti Pollution Dustproof Breathable Masks
Dior Cloth Breathable Face Masks

Double Layer - Double Sided - 100% Cotton Black Inside Fabric. Size: (L) 7" x (w) 5" and 12" With ear-loop. Elastic stretches up to 18".
Washable, Reusable, Quality Made, Breathable, Comfortable. Fashion Luxury Series. Lead the new trend!
Fendi Chanel Dior Cloth Gucci LV Washable Adidas Nike Puma Face Masks
Adidas Nike Puma Washable Face Masks

This face cover is made of one layer of High-quality Nylon and Spandex making it very soft and stretchable for the face.
Lightweight, skin friendly, and breathable material makes this a great option when you’re on the go, you will forget you are even wearing it. Helps to prevent you from touching your face.
Brand Moschino Bear 3D Reusable Washable Soft Cotton Facemasks
Moschino Bear 3D Reusable Washable Facemasks

It is a perfect outdoor accessory that help you feel rested and refreshed. NOT AVAILABLE for washing by machine.
It is ideal for dry face sufferers because breathable, this face cover is very light, and perfect for your face to enjoy a great day!
luxury face mouth cover should be washed by hand in cold water, with no rubbing, but better with shampoo.
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