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How Do I Choose the Right Gold Melting Furnace?
This paper intends to present the pros and cons of various types of furnaces to help you decide which best suits your needs. It will include the latest technology for stack melters, gas and electric reverbs and immersion element furnaces that hold metal next to the die casting machine. Discussions on ROI and actual energy savings, metal melt loss and maintenance will be covered.

How do I choose the right furnace?” is asked many times through out the year and answers vary depending upon which salesperson you are talking to. So let’s cut through all the salesmanship and get to some facts. The first question any salesperson should ask is, “What are your goals for this project?” Is it highest quality metal, low upfront costs, energy cost, metal melt loss, safety? Prioritize these items and then look at what best fits your goals. Also, items furnace manufactures need to know are... what alloy are you using, what temperature do you want to cast your parts and are you modifying the alloy in any way?

Do you want to melt chips or recover inserts from your parts? Once we have this information and your plant layout, we can better recommendwhat type of furnace best fits your plant and goals. So, let’s start with the highest quality metal. No doubt and proven time and time again the electric radiant reverb is the furnace that produces the highest quality metal without any ancillary equipment. With the addition of one extra item, a bonded particle filter, you will have inclusion free metal also.

In conclusion, there is a lot to think about when deciding on which or whose furnace to buy. Decide your priorities then develop a specification that each furnace company must bid to. This will give you independent ideas on how to accomplish your goals. Do your research and pick a company that has a long history in the industry after all do you want to trust your production to a company with 9 employees and only 5-6 years in the business?

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