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Tips on How to Use a Jewelry Making Tumbler
Not everyone can have all the tools they want for finishing their jewelry creations. There are rotary tools, flex shafts, polishers, tumblers and more! All of these help create a nice, high-polish finish on metal pieces – each in their own way. Jewelers who aren’t interested in investing a lot in their finishing tools can turn to a tumbler for a polish that is a step-up from hand-finishing. They are fairly inexpensive, easy to use, and produce a great shine to your work. In addition, it is a great way to work-harden a piece that’s a little to soft and bendy.

There are two kinds of tumblers available: a rotary tumbler or a vibrating tumbler. Both of these work essentially the same way except that one spins Rotary Tumbler for Jewelryaround and the other vibrates. Some people have a strong opinion about which is better; I don’t. When I was just starting out and wanted to save some money with my studio supplies, I picked up an affordable rotary tumbler and I’m still content with it today.

The Lortone Single-Barrel Rotary Tumbler was the best thing I could find for the price. You can typically get them for about $100.00. Mine is still going strong and I like the job it does. I’m going to be talking about my affordable rotary tumbler in this post – so if you get something different, just know that there could be some differences in process.

This tumbler can be used for polishing jewelry or for tumbling stones. The difference is in the polishing medium that you use. For jewelry, I use 2 lbs. of mixed stainless steel shot in my single-barrel tumbler. When you put your jewelry in the drum with the stainless steel, it gets mixed all around with the shot. The little pieces of stainless steel gently burnish the surface, and work-harden the metal by softly beating it up.

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