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Car Strong Magnetic Bracket Folding Multi-angle Rotation Height Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder Universal Magnet Air Vent Mount mobile phone holder coles
With a sticky adhesive bottom, this silicone cradle mounts easily on your dashboard, is unobtrusive, and keeps your phone at a perfect viewing angle with its charginmobile phone holder for bedg port accessible.
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It’s not quite as easy to attach and remove a phone wmobile phone holder nzith a tension-arm mount as it is with magnetic ones, but they don’t require you to attach a metal plate to your phone or case.
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Simply slide your phone into the mount and the clamps which mobile phone caseautomatically clip into place for a perfect fit.
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A lot of car mounts are removable, but this one uses some incredibly sticky adhesive that keeps it firmly in place on your dashboard or windshield.

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